Pet Training Toilet Portable Dog/Cat Potty Tray

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  • Keeps your house clean and safe from accidents of poo and pee on the floor
  • Made of durable plastic material
  • Removable top for easy disposal of load
  • Great for trained and untrained dogs
  • Perfect if you are always not at home
  • Length: 44cm; Width: 44cm; Height: 16cm

Puppy Pads Indoor Pet Potty Trainer

Train your pets to pee and poo even inside your home with the Puppy Pads Indoor Pet Potty Trainer. This will keep your house clean even if you leave your pet alone in your home. If they can learn as early as they can using this potty, everything will be easier for both of you. Easy to clean and wide enough to use.

Lightweight and Durable

This Pet Potty has 2 parts. It has the base and also has an additional part on top which where your pet can pee and poo. If it is a poo, you can easily lift up the top part and dispose of the load. If it is a pee, it will go through under the top cover and will be collected under. It has a practical little handle so you can easily lift up the top. Space is wide enough so your pet can sit on it comfortably making sure your pet won’t miss a thing. Made of durable plastic material, lightweight, and can be placed anywhere in your home.

Keeps Your Home Safe and Clean

Having your pet trained to do his thing on a potty is a very useful trick for the both of you. You no longer have to bring your pet every time outside, most especially if you are always out for work. Training your pet will take time but will definitely be worth it. You no longer have to clean accidental pee and poo on the floor anymore.

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